AIMS Corporation Jobs 2022 for Social Development Speiclaist

In this role, you will coordinate the social aspects of the graduation strategy for the beneficiaries and their dependants. You will also perform other duties as assigned by the National Project Director. You will be responsible for improving the human capital of women and children by addressing issues such as nutrition, health, and education. As a Social Development Speiclaist at AIMS, you will be working with the most important organizations to promote development.

Those who wish to apply for this position must have a Master’s degree in any social discipline. In addition, they must have training in social safety net, gender, and poverty reduction programmes. Experience with local government divisions is also an asset. Applicants must possess excellent communication skills in English and Bengali. Those with experience in a similar field can also apply for the position.

Applicants must have a Master’s degree in social discipline. Those with a postgraduate qualification or higher are encouraged to apply. Those with a Post-Graduate Diploma should also apply. They must have relevant experience in the same field. However, a degree in any subject will give them an edge when it comes to higher positions. Those with an HND can apply as well. Although a degree in a social science or social psychology is an advantage, relevant work experience is required.

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Date Posted:23 March, 2022
Category / Sector:Classifieds
Newspaper:The News Jobs
Education:Master |
Vacancy Location:Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Organization:AIMS Corporation
Job Industry:Management Jobs
Job Type:Full Time
Expected Last Date:16 April, 2022
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Those with a Masters degree in social discipline can apply for the position. They must also have training in social safety net, gender, and poverty reduction programs. In addition, they should have excellent communication skills in English and Bengali. The hiring process will be conducted locally. The selection process will begin immediately after the interview. A qualified candidate will be called to an interview to discuss their qualifications. If they meet the requirements, they will be considered for a job.

As a Social Development Speiclaist, you must have a Master’s degree in social discipline. A social development specialist should have knowledge of social safety net and poverty reduction programmes. Candidates with experience should have good communication skills in English and Bengali. All posts in the SC category will be recruited locally. The salary range for a post as a Social Development Speiclaist will depend on experience and education.

A Social Development Speiclaist must have a master’s degree in a social discipline. Applicants with experience in the Local Government Division or in a similar position are preferred. The Social Development Speiclaist position requires high-level experience. An applicant should have excellent communication skills in English and Bengali. It is imperative that a candidate has an excellent academic record, and it is essential that he or she has a proven track record.

As a Social Development Speiclaist, you will work with a diverse range of people, including individuals, communities, and agencies. You will also have the opportunity to travel abroad to meet the needs of the community. You should have a Master’s degree in a social discipline, and some relevant experience. You can expect to work in an international setting, involving a variety of cultures and settings.

The job description of a Social Development Speiclaist varies from one country to another. Generally, a social development worker is responsible for developing activities that generate confidence. In many cases, they act as a connection between different services and communities. For example, they may work with the homeless, the long-term unemployed, the elderly, and ethnic minorities. Their salaries are between PS16,000 and $26,000, with experienced workers earning up to PS21,000 or $36,000.

If you’re looking for a job in social work, you’ll probably want to look into community organizing. This is an enormous specialized field of social work that focuses on bringing community members together and improving society. If you’re interested in this position, you can find employment in public service, non-profit organizations, churches, and social services agencies. Listed below are some of the available jobs for a social development specialist.

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